Easy Homemade Detox Tea

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As our population increases the use of prescription medication and the consumption of processed food, more and more people are experiencing symptoms of liver toxicity. Skin issues, mood imbalances, weight gain, and brain fog are just some of these symptoms. One popular way to naturally combat this liver toxicity is to drink detox tea.

What is Detox Tea?

People make teas from a variety of natural ingredients in order to detoxify the liver and help flush out toxins and reset their system. That way, their liver can function better and restore balance to the body.

Why Drink Homemade Detox Tea?

On wooden boards glass with raspberry alcohol cocktail and ice c1. It lowers inflammation in the body. For even better reduction of inflammation, include cucumber, watermelon, ginger, or strawberries in your homemade detox tea experiments.

2. It cleanses the liver and helps eliminate toxins from your body, such as pollution from the environment, or heavy metals from water.

3. Detox tea boosts weight loss by ramping up your metabolism and giving you extra energy, which may help you to stay more active. To aid in this goal even more, include some grapefruit or grapefruit essential oil in your detox tea, which reduces hunger cravings and raises the metabolism.

4. It can improve your skin health. As your liver is detoxified and cleared, it is able to flush toxins from your body, improving most skin issues.

5. Detox tea can help increase mental clarity, alertness, and energy. Adding rosemary, lemon and mint (either fresh ingredients or the essential oils) will boost these effects even more.

Should I Make My Own Detox Tea?

By making your own tea, you can tailor the drink to your specific needs, just by having a few basic ingredients on hand. You can often make a much larger amount of the tea for the same price as the tiny little detox tea bags. Try experimenting with some of the ingredients listed here, or use the recipe included in this article.

Popular Ingredients in Detox Tea

In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, some popular detox tea ingredients are:

Raspberries—they contain ketones, which help you lose weight, reduce fat around the liver, and promote healthy skin
Turmeric—reduces depression, lessens joint pain, balances blood sugar, and supports healthy liver tissue
Dandelion Greens—promote urine production, helps in digestion, improves the flow of bile, and reduces inflammation
Apple Cider Vinegar—reduces inflammation, improves metabolism, aids digestion, and naturally balances your body’s pH
Milk Thistle—incredibly detoxifying, helps eliminate toxins like prescription medications and heavy metals

While you are learning and experimenting with your own detox tea recipes, here is one to get you started:

Cranberry Spice Detox Tea

1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. ground nutmeg
1 tsp. powdered ginger
8 ounces of water
juice of 3 lemons
juice of 3 oranges
1 cup cranberry juice

Boil the 8 ounces of water.
Put the cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger into a tea ball or tea bag.
Steep in the hot water for five minutes.
Remove the tea bag, let tea cool.
Juice the 3 lemons and 3 oranges.
Mix the lemon and orange juice with the cooled tea.
Mix in the cranberry juice. (If the cranberry juice is 100% cranberry juice, dilute it with 3 cups of water first.)

If the mixture is too tart, add natural sweetener like stevia, to taste. Sip this tea throughout the day for a naturally detoxifying, refreshing drink.

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