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Easy Homemade Detox Tea

As our population increases the use of prescription medication and the consumption of processed food, more and more people are experiencing symptoms of liver toxicity. Skin issues, mood imbalances, weight gain, and brain fog are just some of these symptoms. One popular way to naturally combat this liver toxicity is to drink detox tea. What…


What Are The Best Homemade Detox Drinks?

Over time, human bodies will start to build up toxins that can have a negative effect on a person’s health. When a lot of toxins make it into a body, headaches or nausea may occur. Although toxins can be negative, many great options are available to help the body rid the toxins with homemade detox…

The Good Roll Pillow - Dr. KenGee Ehrlich

The Good Roll Pillow – A Personal Journey and Detailed Review

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. The following account is my personal experience with The Good Roll. A few fortnights ago, I checked my mail and found myself in possession of an unusual package. The sender? A certain ‘thegoodchiropractor‘ from Instagram. “A pillow?” I mused aloud, as I lifted the object from its box….

Pomegranate Health

Refreshing Vegan Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe for Two

Get ready to elevate your smoothie game with this deliciously vibrant and healthy vegan pomegranate smoothie recipe! Bursting with nutrients and tantalizing flavors, this smoothie is perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a nourishing afternoon treat. It’s also incredibly easy to make, and the honey is optional, making it suitable for strict vegans as well….

Pistachios are a good bedtime snack as they are high in melatonin content.

How to Fall Asleep Faster and Improve Your Sleep Quality

In today’s fast-paced world, many people struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Insufficient sleep can lead to various health issues including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and impaired cognitive function. To help you get better sleep and fall asleep faster, we compiled a list of simple and effective strategies that can transform your bedtime routine…

Detox Smoothie Recipes

Top 3 Detox Smoothie Recipes: Boost Your Health with Nutrient-Packed Blends

All smoothie recipes below are vegan friendly. Are you looking to give your body a rejuvenating cleanse? If so, you’re in the right place! Detoxifying smoothies are a fantastic way to refresh your system while still enjoying delicious, nutrient-packed beverages. Today, we’re sharing three delectable detox smoothie recipes to help you reset and recharge. Let’s…

Oil Pulling Health Benefits

Discover the Magic of Oil Pulling: Transform Your Health in Just 20 Minutes Daily

Have you ever thought about the importance of oral health for your overall wellbeing? If not, let’s introduce you to an ancient and effective practice called oil pulling. This refreshing routine, when done consistently for 20 minutes each morning, offers many benefits for your teeth and gums such as whitening, fighting bad breath, soothing sore…